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I grow with the company

After harvesting autumn, cold winter, and hopeful spring, we finally usher in the anticipated summer. I don’t know how many years have been waiting for this day...

In the hot summer of 2013, I walked into Weifang Huanuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and became one of them. The transformation from student to worker is always a painful process, and I feel it deeply. The strangeness of the new city, the recognition of the new culture, the sense of belonging to the company... In the days I first came, I struggled with my own ideas every day. To

Days pass by, along the way, moved all the way, grateful all the way. To

In the quality inspection workshop of Weifang Huanuo Biological Technology Co., Ltd., I started my career journey. Sweating like rain is the fruit of labor in the midsummer; talking and laughing with the workers, I learned another life experience, and seeing the smiling faces of the workers, I finally understand that labor can be so confident and glorious. Every quiet night, lying on the bed, the scenes that touched me at work are like paintings with rich colors that are repeatedly shown in my memory. The sparkling arc reflects a simple face, which is the color of labor; stout hands tell stories of entrepreneurship. For most employees of the company, they are ordinary people who are unknown, without amazing performance or dazzling. The aura of, may not be good at speech, do not speak big words, never think that he can make outstanding contributions, go to get off work on time, observe rules and disciplines, work hard, very ordinary, and very ordinary. But it is in these ordinary employees that I feel a persistent pursuit of dedication and dedication. In the final analysis, the stability, development, and growth of an enterprise depends on these people, and these ordinary talents are the real mainstay of the enterprise. When the responsibilities on the shoulders of these ordinary people are condensed, they become the responsibilities of the entire enterprise, so that the development of the enterprise is smooth and stable. The touch is at the bottom of the corporate pyramid, the touch is in the reality, and the touch is in the labor. To

The so-called gratitude, I think first of all, the company provided me with the opportunity to work and provided me with a good growth platform. It enables me to continue to learn, exercise, and grow at work. I am a computer major. Although I have a professional background in engineering, when I actually went to the workshop, I realized that there was a certain gap between what I had learned and what the company needed. In addition, when I was in the workshop, I learned a lot of things that I didn't feel in school. Every time the workers' attention and the warmth of care gave me a lot of encouragement. An enterprise is like a big family, and every employee in the enterprise is like my parents, elders, and brothers and sisters. The hard work and dedication of the company and leaders at all levels set me a good example and unknowingly cultivated my sense of responsibility in my work. To

Everyone in the enterprise is a member of this big family, we are all the owners of this big family, and the enterprise is our job and our cause. Although everyone has different positions, positions, and types of work, and their abilities are different, I think that as long as I spare no effort to dedicate my wisdom and strength, I will try my best to help others on the basis of doing my job well. To fulfill one's own responsibilities for the enterprise, this is already the best reward for our big family. To

As far as I am concerned, since I joined this company, I have regarded this big family as the basis of my survival and my own job. Only when there is rice in the big pot can my bowl be filled; when there is water in the big river, the small canal will not dry up; when the enterprise is prosperous, the employees can benefit. In order for us to have a lasting good job and for us to have a better tomorrow, we must work hard to dedicate our every share of light and heat. Our personal growth is synchronized with the growth of the company. We need companies to provide us with a stage for growth. Companies also need us to devote wisdom and work together to make our company an evergreen tree in the field. In order to adapt as quickly as possible, grow as quickly as possible, and make more contributions to the company as soon as possible, I consider working hard in the following aspects. To

First of all, love and dedication. Our company consists of a number of different positions. These positions are all organic combinations. If there is a problem or fault in any link, it will affect the work if it is small, and it will cause losses to the company. Employees are an integral part of the combination. Only when each of our employees transforms their positions into excellent positions can our overall and our enterprise be excellent. Only when everyone cherishes their job, does their job well, and loves their job, the company can form a huge synergy and sustain healthy development. To

Secondly, I want to treat the company as my home. We are all members of our family. We are responsible for our work, our own livelihood, and our own future. Only by taking care of the big business family can our small family be happy. Like our new employees who have just joined the work, they strive to cultivate their own sense of ownership in the work, do more work, learn more experience, continue to summarize, think hard, and continue to innovate to connect their destiny with the company, and their own efforts become the company’s advancement. A cornerstone of the company, naturally increase the sense of identity with the company and the sense of identity with the company’s culture. To

Finally, employees and the company work together to create a harmonious working environment. A good social environment creates a brand new relationship between the company and its employees. A good working environment and a healthy teamwork atmosphere not only make us happy physically and mentally, but at the same time will greatly improve our work enthusiasm and work efficiency. With the goal of being one heart and one mind, we will build a fighting collective where unity is strength between leaders and employees, superiors and subordinates, and neighbors.

Although sometimes our leaders are a little stricter on us, although our company is still unsatisfactory, because we are as young as we are. But it provides us with the soil for survival, work and study. We should do our best for its tranquility, harmony, order and development, because we are one of them. The enterprise is our home, and we can only create a brilliant and brilliant future for our enterprise if we work together, work hard, and work together.






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