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Investment Guide

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1. Worry-free joining service
We will implement a terminal service management model for all franchise stores across the country, provide door-to-door services to franchisees, and conduct one-to-one management guidance to ensure that franchise stores can quickly occupy the same industry market, and use the "guided service" model to generate audiences Brand core competitiveness. Effectively promote the brand influence of Zhenyi!

2. Brand image system
Weifang Huanuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a national designated pesticide manufacturer. The company directly advertises and promotes to the whole country, vigorously promotes the brand influence of domestic franchise stores in the local area, and quickly and effectively promotes the products to the market and is consumed. Recognition of the group.

Professional management

   To run a store well, the necessary marketing knowledge and management knowledge are very important. Among them, many factors such as product display, shopping guide, customer psychology, promotion methods, pricing and discount skills, after-sales service forms, customized product negotiation strategies, etc. are indispensable. Many investors may have never engaged in business activities before and have no experience in store management. The company conducts a unified management model for franchisees across the country, assists franchisees in the preparatory work such as product management, product purchase and selection. The company will regularly promote and promote genuine products across the country, so that franchisees can quickly concentrate resources during the early operation period To expand the market, we will face customers with professional services, professional teams and professional management. Through the integration of various resources, Weifang Huanuo Biological products will gradually form the core competitiveness of the brand.

3. Convenient ordering and timely delivery
There is no need to travel around the large and small wholesale markets in person, travel between various stalls and suffer from the fatigue of boats and cars, there is no need to pull back tens of thousands of stocks at a time, and there is no need to worry about whether the purchases will be slaughtered. After the franchisee submits the order, we will ship it to you within the specified time. You can order a single product with more varieties and less quantity. Firstly, you can enrich the varieties and give customers more room for choice; secondly, you can explore the market and reduce risks. Goods from the market are replenishing goods in a timely manner to prevent product backlogs, do not require too much capital turnover, do not have to work hard, and minimize operating risks.

Four, advertising and marketing support
Advertising is an important part of sales. If you are inexperienced, you may be a little helpless in this regard. In addition to our genuine and powerful brand, we also use our professional website to promote, send the latest product information emails, e-magazines, publish advertisements, outdoor advertisements in stores, special merchants, etc., to provide you with brand promotion and advertising support to improve brand awareness . In addition, for some blank cities that have not yet opened franchise franchising, we have opened online shopping in the form of website online malls to provide early brand support for the business development of new franchise stores in the later period. For the online shopping information in or near the operating area of ​​existing franchise stores, we will promptly inform the franchise stores to maximize the profits of the franchise stores.

Your rights
Image use right:

During the contract period, you have free use of "Hua Nuo Bio"

The right of store image design and CIS system;

Regional protection rights:

We follow the principle of only developing one within a certain area of ​​the same city area, and implement strict business circle protection for franchise stores, and franchise stores enjoy the exclusive right to operate in that area or city. For urban agents, they can conduct secondary investment promotion by themselves.

Priority to renew:

After the validity period of the franchise contract expires, the franchise store is willing to renew the cooperation, and there is no violation in the previous period, we unconditionally handle the new franchise contract in accordance with the relevant policies.

Agency permissions:

In order to be the first to implement the strategic layout in China, integrate the network platforms of agents and terminal direct-sale stores, and control the core market strategic resources, we sincerely invite elites with market control and market execution power to aspire to the throne of agency for a feast.

1. Regional protection:

After the agent is established, the company cannot develop new agents and direct-operated stores in its area.

2. Cash subsidy:

In order to help agents quickly return funds, agents can share advertisements uniformly provided by the company in their agent areas to attract investment, develop branch channels and directly-operated stores, and charge related fees.

3. Goods profit difference:
Agents enjoy autonomous price rights (subject to company filing), and can formulate product price policies in the region to obtain the largest product price difference.

4. Self-operated shop:

Agents can open their own self-operated stores, conduct retail business, and obtain retail super profits (retail prices must be "same price in the same district").

5. Share ads:
The company will provide agents with unified investment promotion advertising or local special advertising support, and create a strong investment promotion platform for agents to ensure that they can enjoy their success.

6. One-stop purchase mechanism without intermediate links:
The general agent supply prices are uniform regardless of the province, capital city, prefecture, city separately listed in the plan, and special zone. Agents are divided into districts and regions. Agents are equal and parallel to each other. They are all managed vertically by the company, that is, one-stop, no intermediate links, and low-cost supply.

Our requirements for you
1. You must be a legal person, operator or natural person with a legal business in China. (Required to provide relevant materials, including a copy of business license, personal ID card, office and business premises information.)

2. I hope you have a long-term vision for branding and have good credit and actual market operations, investment capabilities and risk awareness.

3. I hope you have strong market development capabilities and the professionalism of continuously exploring modern enterprise management.

5. You must have enough office space and funds.

6. You'd better have good interpersonal relationships.

7. You can obey the company's market management and requirements.

8. Your recognition of cooperating with the company's business statistics and management mode.






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