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Cocodi (5% Acetamiprid EC)
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Cocodi (5% Acetamiprid EC)

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    Specification: 100ml×60 bottles/carton
    Content: 5%
    Dosage form: EC
    product description:
    Acetamiprid is a 5% acetamiprid EC, which is a new type of insecticide developed by Weifang Huanuo Biological Technology Co., Ltd. As a new type of insecticide, acetamiprid not only has contact killing and stomach poisoning effects, but also has a strong penetrating effect, and shows fast-acting insecticidal power, with a long-lasting effect of about 20 days. This product has low toxicity to humans and animals, low lethality to natural enemies, low toxicity to fish, and low impact on bees. It is suitable for controlling hemipteran pests on fruit trees, vegetables and other crops; it can be controlled by using granules as soil treatment Underground pests.
    This product has the advantages of low dosage, good quick effect, high activity, long lasting period, wide insecticidal spectrum, etc. Because its mechanism of action is different from conventional insecticides, it is effective against organophosphorus, carbamates and pyrethroids. Pests that develop resistance have special effects.
    Application range and application method:
    Crop Control object Dosage Application method
    Legumes Aphid 2000 Times Foliar spray
    Melon (watermelon)
    Chili Melon Thrips 1200 Times Foliar spray
    Tomato Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci 1200 Times Foliar spray
    Leafy vegetables Jumping beetle, potato beetle 1200 Times Foliar and ground spray
    Apples, pears Aphids, pear psylla, and Spodoptera littoralis 1200 Times Foliar spray
    Peach, plum, plum Aphid 2000 Times Foliage and new shoot spray
    Cotton, rape Aphid 2000 Times Foliar spray
    Wheat, corn Aphid 1200 Times Foliar spray
    Rice Rice planthopper 1200 Times Foliar spray
    Rice Thrips 1200 Times Foliar spray
    Tea Green Leafhopper 2000 Times Foliar spray
    Tobacco Aphid 2000 Times Foliar spray
    Storage and transportation:
    1. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
    2. Strictly prevent moisture and sun during storage and transportation, avoid contact with skin and eyes, and prevent inhalation through mouth and nose.
    3. Avoid storing and transporting the same with food, beverage, grain and feed, keep away from children.
    1. The safe interval of this product on cucumbers is 8 days.
    2. This product cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides and other substances.
    3. Wear protective clothing, gloves, masks, etc. during application. Do not eat or drink during application. Wash hands and face immediately after application.
    4. It should be sprayed evenly to all parts of the plant. In order to avoid resistance, use it alternately with other insecticides as much as possible.
    5. It is highly toxic to fish, bees, and silkworms. Keep away from the aquaculture area when applying pesticides to avoid the impact on the surrounding bee colony. Nectar crops are prohibited in silkworm houses and mulberry gardens during flowering period. It is forbidden to clean pesticide application utensils in river ponds. Pregnant and lactating women avoid get in touch with.
    First aid for poisoning:
    1. If the skin is contaminated, immediately wash it thoroughly with soapy water and seek medical attention.
    2. If splashed into eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical attention.
    3. If swallowed by mistake, induce vomiting immediately and send to the hospital for symptomatic treatment.





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