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Nozalone (25% chlorbenzuron suspension)
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Nozalone (25% chlorbenzuron suspension)

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    Specification: 500g×20 bottles/carton
    Content: 25%
    Dosage form: suspending agent
    Diflubenzuron has a wide insecticidal spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity. It can kill both insects and eggs. It can effectively control various lepidopteran and hemipteran pests. 
    (1) This product uses the latest formula developed by Shandong Agricultural University, with stable physical and chemical properties, 100% suspension rate, long duration of efficacy, and extremely resistant to rain erosion. This product is highly permeable and has the dual effects of contact killing and stomach poisoning. It can inhibit the synthesis of chitin in the epidermis of the larvae, so that the larvae cannot form a new epidermis, and the larvae die because they cannot shed their skin. In addition, this product can also destroy the net of larvae knots and improve the efficacy of the medicine.
    (2) Our company is a designated procurement enterprise for government biological pesticides for controlling Hydrangea spp. Diflubenzuron is a biomimetic agent, an efficient and safe insecticide, non-toxic to humans and animals, does not kill natural enemies and insects, and does not pollute the environment. In recent years, this product has been effective in preventing and controlling Hyphantria vulgaris, and has made due contributions to protecting green homes, preventing environmental pollution, and promoting regional economic development.
    (3) Our company has advanced production equipment and can produce products of various specifications according to the needs of spraying equipment, which can meet the needs of different customers.
    Mechanism of action:
    This product is an insecticide that is a regulator of insect production. By inhibiting the formation of chitin in the insects, the insects cannot molt normally and die. It is mainly manifested as a strong stomach poisoning effect, and it also has a contact effect. After the larva contacted the liquid medicine, it refused to feed and its body shrank. After 2 days, it began to die, and reached the peak of death in 3-4 days. After the adult worms come into contact with the liquid medicine, the number of eggs laid is reduced, or no eggs are laid or the eggs cannot be hatched, and the offspring of the adult population are fundamentally cut off.
    Scope of application and method of use:
    This product is used to control various lepidopteran and hemipteran pests such as fruit trees, forests, agricultural crops, greenhouse vegetables, cash crops, garden flowers and so on. The drug is effective against golden moths, leaf miners, leaf rollers, heartworms, pieris, cotton bollworms, tobacco caterpillars, pine caterpillars, looper, poisonous moths, night moths, sky caterpillars, pear star caterpillars on apples, peaches, citrus and other fruit trees. , Wheat armyworm, corn borer, Liriomyza sativae, etc. have special effects, especially the killing rate of peach heartworm eggs is 100%, and it also has special effects on scale insects, ground maggots, mosquito larvae, etc. The applicable concentration of this product is 1500-2000 times solution. Use 20-60 grams of this product per mu in the early stage of larvae (before 3 days of age). In areas with particularly severe pests, the dosage of the drug should be increased.
    Storage and transportation:
    1. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
    2. Strictly prevent moisture and sun during storage and transportation, avoid contact with skin and eyes, and prevent inhalation through mouth and nose.
    3. Avoid storing and transporting the same with food, beverage, grain and feed, keep away from children.
    4. The used containers should be disposed of properly, and should not be used for other purposes, nor should they be thrown away at will.
    1. This product has precipitation phenomenon, but does not affect the efficacy. Shake well before use, and then dilute with water.
    2. This product cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides and other substances.
    3. This product is a late-acting pesticide, and its efficacy increases significantly after 3-4 days of application, and the residual effect period is about 30 days.
    4. The safe interval for use on the apple tree is 21 days, and the medication can be used up to two times per season.
    5. Wear protective clothing, gloves, masks, etc. during application. Do not eat or drink during application. Wash hands and face immediately after application.
    6. It is highly toxic to silkworms. It is prohibited from silkworm house and mulberry garden. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid contact.
    First aid for poisoning:
    Moderate symptoms include convulsions, cramps, nausea, and vomiting. If inhaled carelessly, move the patient to a well-ventilated place. If the skin is contaminated, immediately wash thoroughly with soap and water and seek medical attention. If splashed into eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical attention. If taken by mistake, induce vomiting immediately and send to the hospital for symptomatic treatment.





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