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Chitosan is also called oligochitosan and oligochitosan. It is a kind of polymerization degree obtained by degrading chitosan through special biological enzyme technology (there are also reports using chemical degradation and microwave degradation technology).
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    Chitosan is also called oligochitosan and oligochitosan. It is a kind of polymerization degree obtained by degrading chitosan through special biological enzyme technology (there are also reports using chemical degradation and microwave degradation technology). The intermediate oligosaccharide product has a molecular weight ≤3200Da, which is a low-molecular-weight product with good water solubility, great function and high biological activity. It has a high solubility that chitosan does not have, it is completely soluble in water, and it is easily absorbed and utilized by organisms. Its effect is 14 times that of chitosan.
    Chitooligosaccharides are the only positively charged cationic basic amino oligosaccharides in nature, and they are animal cellulose.
    Chitosan oligosaccharide is made by the depolymerization of chitosan, which is an upgraded product of chitin and chitosan products, and has the incomparable superiority of chitosan. Chito-oligosaccharides are prepared by advanced biological enzymatic hydrolysis, which has:
    It has the advantages of low molecular weight, good water solubility, great function, easy absorption by the human body, and high biological activity. At the same time:
    Pure natural, no radiation, no pollution, no additives, etc.
    Human health
    1. The field of medicine
    It protects the wound from bacterial infection, and can also penetrate air and moisture to promote wound healing. It is degraded by lysozyme in organisms to produce natural metabolites, which are non-toxic and can be completely absorbed by organisms. Therefore, it has great advantages to use it as a drug sustained release agent.
    2. Food field
    Dairy products: As an activating factor of intestinal probiotics (such as bifidobacteria), it improves the absorption of calcium and minerals.
    Seasoning: As a natural antiseptic product instead of sodium benzoate and other chemical preservatives.
    Beverages: used in functional beverages such as weight loss, detoxification, beauty, and immune regulation.
    Fruits and vegetables: Coating to keep fresh, the film has permeability, water resistance, and has antibacterial and antiseptic effects.
    3. Agriculture
    Chitooligosaccharides change the soil flora and promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms. Chitooligosaccharides can also induce disease resistance of plants, and have immunity and killing effects against a variety of fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is against wheat mosaic disease and cotton verticillium wilt. The disease, rice blast, tomato late blight and other diseases have a good control effect, and can be developed into biological pesticides, growth regulators and fertilizers.
    4. Daily chemical industry
    Chitooligosaccharide has obvious moisturizing, activating body cells, preventing skin roughness and aging, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria on the skin surface, inhibiting bacteria, anti-dermatosis, and absorbing ultraviolet rays. It can be used in moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, sunscreen and other types of skin care products. Medium; Chitooligosaccharides also maintain the film permeability of the hair surface, moist and easy to comb, and can resist static electricity, prevent dust, relieve itching and dandruff. It is used in hair care products.
    5. The field of biological veterinary medicine
    Use its antibacterial effect to prevent or treat animal diseases caused by bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Actinobacillus, Streptococcus mutans, etc.; use chitooligosaccharides to promote wound healing and can be used for animal trauma or fractures Adjuvant therapy; because it has the effect of lowering blood lipids, it can also be used for the treatment of pet obesity; because carboxymethyl chitooligosaccharides have good complexing ability to iron ions, zinc ions and calcium ions, they are expected to be made into new ones Natural iron, zinc and calcium supplements.
    6. The field of feed additives
    Chitooligosaccharides are non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, and non-variable. They can regulate the metabolic activities of microorganisms in the intestinal tract of animals, selectively activate and proliferate the growth of beneficial bacteria, reduce cholesterol and blood lipid content, and improve immunity and lean meat ratio as feed and bait additives. Chitooligosaccharides are very effective in improving the immunity, disease resistance and growth promotion of livestock, poultry and aquatic animals (fish, shrimp, shellfish, ginseng). Chitooligosaccharides also have the function of hindering the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, and can promote protein synthesis and cell activation, thereby improving livestock and poultry production performance.





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